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Clients Management:

  • Add/Edit clients list with default hourly rate.
  • Alphabetical sorting
  • Clients with pending invoices – shown in separate list.

Team Management:

Projects Management:

  • Add/Edit Projects. [Delete option not available- so that you never lose any data]
  • Search Projects based on-client/project status/priority/exceeding allocated time.
  • Department wise hours allocation.
  • Option to strictly follow the hours allocated.
  • Facility to mark any project as Favorite; Favorite projects appear on Dashboard.
  • Facility to manage Key Information accessible only to permitted team members and never accessible to clients.
  • Attach multiple team members with each project with facility to assign default department to each team member. Same team member can be assigned different departments in different projects.

Invoices Management:

  • Facility to add multiple Invoices with single project.
  • Clone an Invoice.
  • Set recurrence on an Invoice.
  • Facility to setup auto- reminder.
  • Generate PDF version.
  • Option to email the Invoice to Team Members and Client and non-BIZixx user email IDs.
  • Facility to add/edit Receipts against the Invoices.
  • Log is maintained of edited Receipts.

Task Management:

  • Attach multiple Team Members to same Task.
  • Notify multiple team members for the new task created.
  • Facility to post a message with time spent on a Task, with option to notify multiple Team Members and Client.
  • Facility to edit time posted within 30 minutes starting from the moment message was posted in the system.
  • If project has been set to follow the hours allocated strictly, team members are not allowed to post the message with time exceeding the allocated hours to that task.


Custom Reports:

Custom Reports:

  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reports sent automatically to specific Team Members or non-BIZixx users email.

Work Load Report:

  • Project Status Basis.
  • For particular or all Team Members.
  • Summary View – Task Status Basis for all projects assigned to each specific Team Member.
  • Detailed View – Project wise work load report for individual Team Member.

Announcements Management:

  • Add/Edit Announcements.
  • Notify Team Members or Clients or All.
  • Announcements are displayed on top right hand corner of all pages in BIZixx system.

Configuration Management:

  • Email Accounts – Where from to fetch emails.
  • Failed Login Attempts
  • Invoice Notifications
  • Ticket Status
  • Activity Notifications
  • Team Document Types

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