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It is well said that "Keep an eye on costs - profits will follow". And another fact of BIZ world is "Time is money".

BIZixx is a powerful project management system that helps global organizations keep track of work on daily basis by organizing everyday communication and archiving it. With BIZixx, everything is at one place as your team posts daily progress reports on different projects along with time spent on each one of them. Every communication thread - old or new, with client or team members – can be studied with few clicks.

In addition to daily report keeping, it takes care of your invoicing & payments received and also provide a common platform where clients can communicate with team members working on their projects. It comes with time-saving features like ‘Smart’ bookmarks & recurring invoices, Live Chat, miniCRM and auto reminders for pending invoices.

At organizations where invoices are to be raised based on project progress or milestones achieved, BIZixx can be the difference maker.

BIZixx helps you to plan, track, monitor, analyze & control projects & team through a simple interface.

Why BIZixx?

  • It can help you improve your company productivity by atleast 20%
  • It shows you data/statistics to take better commercial and HR decisions
  • Empowers you to easily manage your receivables and expenditures
  • You can access progress report for any project - any time from anywhere
  • You can access performance report for any team member - any time from anywhere
  • We are improving and enhancing this system every day/week/month – you can expect better experience and more useful features from BIZixx every month.


We are further developing this system to make it best business management tool for small and medium sized companies, especially Information Technology companies and web solutions provider companies.

We are looking forward to hear from your side – what difference BIZixx made to your business and your daily BIZ life. You can write to us about your experience/success story by clicking here.

If you have any suggestions for BIZixx – we would love to hear about that. You can submit your suggestions by clicking here. Click Here to subscribe for BIZixx for free.

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